Free Webinar: Planning for Change – How to Map and Model Your Enterprise Processes

With digital transformation in mind, new projects and changes in business strategies are now on almost every business’ agenda. To stay ahead of their competition, many seek to:

  • Move to new business models
  • Incorporate new technology
  • Improve customer support and retention issues
  • Improve strategy through coordination between business and IT

These and other enterprise-wide changes all require significant adjustments to your existing processes – interactions with customers are tweaked, product life cycles are altered, the supply chain is changed. When it comes to this type of change, we’ve all heard that the best place to start is to map out your current processes, understand what you’re doing now so that you can see where your next steps should be. But where do you start? And is process mapping alone enough?

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can successfully map and model your enterprise processes. We’ll discuss:

  • the benefits of process mapping and process modeling
  • how process modeling can have a major impact on bringing together your critical organizational practices
  • how process modeling can help you integrate your systems and better serve your customers and citizens
  • how all this will help new details and new avenues emerge from better business analysis
  • areas where process modeling organizes and frames core practices such as compliance, business analysis, risks and controls, and more

Businesses that want to rise above and beyond their competition should consider an enterprise-wide process modeling approach. Join this webinar and learn about the potential.

Speakers for this webinar:


Mark McGregor, Independent Analyst and Consultant


Tom Debevoise, BPM evangelist for Signavio

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