Free Webinar: Data Privacy

Solving Negligence, Bad Practices, Access Control, and Compliance Issues

There’s no denying that data leaks and breaches are a threat – occurrences often get plastered all over the news. Generally when we think of these instances, we think of cyber hackers as the cause. But, the threat may actually be closer to home. According to recent AIIM research, a large majority of data loss or exposure is not due to hacking or malicious attacks but due to staff negligence, bad practices, or unauthorized access. As a business you don’t want to be part of these headlines because of the damaging effects to reputation and costly fines.

How do you make sure the internal threats aren’t living in your office? How can you share your sensitive data and information to the intended recipients outside your firewalls safely and securely – and in a compliant manner? How can you ensure complete control, which is unique for your business, over shared content? 

In this webinar, we will focus on sharing sensitive content. We’ll outline the top data privacy concerns and threats to your operations and how they can be solved. We’ll discuss best practices such as:

  • monitoring and manage access control of who is reading and accessing your sensitive documents
  • understanding and incorporating any regulatory compliance requirements vital to your organization’s operation, including ones like GDPR, GLBA, Privacy Shield, and others
  • handling sensitive data well while maintaining focus on your core business

We’ll also identify some of the biggest mistakes companies make when making decisions about securing sensitive data – and show you how to correct them. Take steps today to reduce your risks and streamline the administration of your security practices.

Speaker for this event:

Bob Siegel
Fellow of Information Privacy (CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US/G/E/C)
President, Privacy Ref, Inc.


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