Webinar On Demand: The Less Paper Businesses Use, the More Problematic It Becomes - Resolving the Paper Paradox

For our UK, European, and EMEA Community

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Despite organizations’ best efforts, paper is still alive and occasionally necessary.  The US, for example, spends $25-35 billion per year filing, storing and retrieving paper while the average EU office worker in 2013 used between 16 and 45 sheets of paper per day.

This means that while paper reduction policies continue, more existing documents must be made digitally accessible, shareable, and searchable, leading to what might be called “the paper paradox”: paper-based barriers within organizations are increasing even though paper volumes are generally decreasing.

Solutions today need to address many issues, not just yesteryear’s paper scanning and storage needs. Today’s business challenges require solutions to extract metadata, archive, work with many more document and image formats, capture to workflow and process, and most importantly, be findable.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways to address and resolve the paper paradox so that you can benefit from reduced operating costs, improved information quality, accelerated business processes, and ensured compliance. We’ll also examine specific use cases and highlight key case studies of successful implementations.

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Dave Jones, Vice President European Operations, AIIM