Women In Information Management: Your Network Is Your Power! Building Power as a Female Executive

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Join us for this interactive webinar on
Tuesday, February 20
11-11:30 am EST (GMT-5)

10-10:30 am CST; 9-9:30 am MST; 8-8:30 am PST
4-4:30 pm British Time (GMT); 5-5:30 pm Central Europe Time (GMT +1)

We women lead busy lives -- at home and at work. So, it is very easy for us to forego “discretionary” tasks like networking. But it is a proven fact that the time we spend on this has a direct impact on our professional status and power.  

“Successful women, those who create their own destiny and disrupt the workplace, understand the power of networking. I believe that the biggest key to building power is to surround yourself with powerful people.”  -- Jan Molino

Ms. Molino is Founder of Aspire-Ascend, a global service provider of career-building services to enhance the success of women in leadership positions. On February 20 at 11:00 am Eastern Time, she  leads a very special webinar for AIIM’s Women in Information Management. Join us as Jan defines the ideal “Power Networking Leadership Toolkit”, and shows us how to build one for ourselves. 


Speaker for this event:


Jan Molino
President & CEO