7 Questions to Determine if Your Data is an Asset

7 Questions to Determine if Your Data is an Asset

Data Management  |  Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

In today's world, where the consumer is king, excellent customer experience is imperative for the success of your business. To achieve this, your data cannot be fragmented, redundant, obsolete, or inaccessible.

Most organizations are currently dealing with more information than they can handle. This can be expensive as resources on storing, protecting, and securing information are costly. It’s important to understand what data you have, why you have it, and why you need it - it's then that your data can be leveraged as an asset.

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Is your data an asset? Ask yourself these seven question to find out. Does your data have:

  1. Clear ownership and accountability?
  2. Knowledge and documentation metadata?
  3. Clear understanding of usage and value?
  4. Data architects and engineers?
  5. Architectural readiness?
  6. Capability?
  7. Data strategy?

Answering yes to these seven questions ensures that your information is managed in a way that can be leveraged as an asset.

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