An IQ Test for Your Processes
John Mancini

By: John Mancini on December 10th, 2018

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An IQ Test for Your Processes

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An IQ Test for Your Processes

Are your Human Resources processes intelligentBefore you try and answer that, let me explain more about what I mean.

This idea of intelligent processes stems from an evolving set of capabilities that transform the way we manage information into something smarter and more connected than ever before. AIIM calls this Intelligent Information Management - and we believe it has the power to revamp your business processes, including Human Capital Management (HCM).

So, now come back to my initial question - how do you tell if your HR processes are intelligent and connected? Well, I've put together this FREE tip sheet that helps explain it all. Think of it as an IQ test of sorts for your processes.

What does it Mean for Human Resources Processes to be both Intelligent AND Connected

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John Mancini, president and CEO of AIIM, is an author, speaker, and respected leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals. He is a catalyst in social, mobile, cloud, and big data technology adoption and an advocate for the new generation of experts who are driving the future of information management. John predicts that the next three years will generate more change in the way we deploy enterprise technologies and whom we trust with this task than in the previous two decades. His passion about the evolution of information workers into information analysts spurred John to establish the Certified Information Professional (CIP) program to enable anyone, anywhere to benchmark and develop new and strategic skills. His commitment to education includes the continual development of leading-edge training and publishing of ongoing industry research to help guide new thinking. As a frequent keynote speaker, John offers his expertise on the transformational challenges and opportunities facing information professionals and attracts over 100,000 visitors annually to his blog Digital Landfill. He has published six e-book titles including “#OccupyIT — A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era” and the popular “8 Things You Need to Know About” e-book series. He has a Klout score in the high 60s, is ranked #5 in online SharePoint influence by and #42 in the KnowledgeLake SharePoint Influencer50. John can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as jmancini77.