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Creating Magic Moments for Your Customers with Intelligent Business Processes

Content, documents, and information are at the center of all organizations, of all sizes, and in all industries. But once your clients need to review, approve, sign a document, or receive some information— efficiency is key. That is when you need your organization and processes to shine. Allen Bonde, an analyst at Forrester, defines “The Magic Moment” as the moment of communication between your organization and your customer. At that moment, they are reminded of the power of story-telling, relationship-building, and creating lasting impressions. One of the most significant benefits of creating Magic Moments is the improvements companies see in their customer retention. The real question is, what can your organization do to achieve this Magic Moment? The easiest place to start is with your customer-facing business processes. Intelligent processes are key to creating a Magic Moment and that is where the digital transformation of your content and information can help.

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8 Tips for Selecting a Digital Signature Solution

John Marchioni is the Vice President of Business Development at ARX - the Digital Signature Company. John has over 20 years experience in US and international high-technology markets creating partnerships through strategic sales, technology licensing and large-scale systems-integration projects. 

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14 Steps to a Successful ECM Implementation

Making an ECM implementation successful requires planning and attention to detail. The best way to create the right solution is to identify organizational goals and priorities. Learn how to manage a successful implementation in our free guide.