June 18, 2024 



AIIM International Partners with TWAIN Working Group 

SILVER SPRING, MD - The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), a leading trade association dedicated to advancing the information management industry, is pleased to announce its new partnership with the TWAIN Working Group (TWG).  

This strategic alliance aims to enhance the capabilities and resources available to the Information Management community by combining AIIM’s extensive educational programs and TWG’s expertise in image acquisition standards. 

AIIM joins the TWAIN Working Group as a Liaison Partner. This partnership will enable both organizations to leverage their collective knowledge and resources to foster innovation, support research, and promote best practices in the field of information management. 

By becoming a member of the AIIM Leadership Council, the TWAIN Working Group joins a distinguished network of industry leaders dedicated to advancing information management technologies. The AIIM Leadership Council actively promotes the adoption of cutting-edge information management practices and provides a robust platform for leaders to exchange insights and solutions. Council members benefit from exclusive access to in-depth research, best practices, and advocacy for industry standards. These initiatives align perfectly with TWG’s mission to support open-source projects and standards, including TWAIN Classic, TWAIN Direct, and PDF/R, thereby enhancing both organizations' efforts to drive innovation and foster industry-wide excellence. 

"Joining forces with the TWAIN Working Group allows us to further our mission of driving innovation and advancing knowledge within the information management sector," said Tori Miller Liu, CIP, President & CEO of AIIM International. "We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings to both our communities, enabling TWAIN users to benefit from AIIM’s comprehensive educational programs and events." 

"We are honored to collaborate with AIIM International,” said Joseph Odore, TWAIN Working Group Board Chairperson. “As part of the AIIM Leadership Council, we look forward to contributing to the industry’s growth and influencing its direction through joint marketing efforts, educational initiatives, and active participation in events." 

For more information about AIIM International, visit www.aiim.org. For more information about the TWAIN Working Group, visit www.twain.org. 


About the Association for Intelligent Information Management 

Founded in 1944, the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) is a nonprofit organization serving information leaders in over 67 countries worldwide. AIIM's vision is to create a world where every organization benefits from intelligent information and data management to achieve better business outcomes. AIIM helps information leaders manage and prepare unstructured data for AI and automation by providing advice, certification, training, and peer-to-peer support. Through practical and approachable resources, AIIM enables organizations to leverage their information assets effectively, ultimately leading to improved business performance and success. 

About The TWAIN Working Group 
Established in 1992, the TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit association dedicated to creating and enhancing a universal public standard for image acquisition devices. TWG’s mission is to support the imaging industry by fostering standards that accommodate future technologies, providing opportunities for developers and users to access and broaden these standards. The group includes industry leaders such as ExactCODE GmbH, JSE Imaging Solutions, P3iD Technologies, Inc., PFU America Inc., Kodak Alaris, InoTec – a Datawin GmbH brand, Plustek, Inc., Atalasoft, Microtek, Inc., Dynamsoft, Epson America, Inc., LEAD Technologies, and Hewlett Packard, as well as Liaison Partners PDF Association and AIIM International. 


Shelly Strickland 
AIIM International