January 17, 2024 

Association for Intelligent Information Management Debuts New Vision and Strategy 

Silver Spring, Maryland – The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) announced a new strategy this week.   

AIIM’s new vision is to create a world in which every organization benefits from information management to reach better business outcomes. To accomplish that vision, AIIM is reimagining its programs and content to focus on making intelligent information management as a practice more accessible and feasible for organizations of any size.   

"Organizations and society are better with information management," said AIIM President & CEO Tori Miller Liu. "Information management is vital to ensuring readiness for artificial intelligence; creating excellent customer experiences; protecting organizational data; and automating laborious processes."  

As opposed to a static, multi-year strategic plan, AIIM’s leadership developed a “strategy system,” which is an agile, adaptable, learning-based approached to strategic planning and execution. AIIM’s Board of Directors partnered with Jeff De Cagna and Foresight First LLC to develop the strategy system. The strategy was developed in collaboration with more than two hundred members and nonmembers through individual conversations, focus groups, and online collaboration.   

With the new strategy, AIIM continues its long history of promoting intelligent information management by providing future-focused and technology-enabled programs and solutions.  

The strategy system includes four objectives, which represent the specific areas of work and exploration AIIM will pursue in 2024.   

  1. Empower Leaders. AIIM will empower information management leaders and decision-makers with actionable guidance and solutions to help drive organizational success by growing and improving information management practices within their organizations. 
  2. Expand Our Network. AIIM will build the information management practice network of the future by engaging current and new stakeholders and partners. 
  3. Enable Artificial Intelligence and Innovation. AIIM will become the world’s primary resource for information management practice using artificial intelligence. AIIM will also work to enable other innovative technologies, including automation, cloud computing, and cybersecurity tools. 
  4. Excel as an Organization. AIIM will become a thriving, sustainable organization. 
 “We are grateful to the AIIM Board of Directors, AIIM members, and association staff who contributed to this new, inspiring vision for AIIM,” said Liu. “With this strategy, we will propagate information management and lead the information management industry into the future.” To learn more about AIIM’s strategy and programs, visit

About the Association for Intelligent Information Management 
Founded in 1944, the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) has served as a pioneering force in transforming how organizations manage and leverage information. Dedicated to advancing the information management industry, AIIM connects organizations to innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence and automation. Offering future-focused and technology-enabled certification, education, events, networking, research, solutions, and support, AIIM connects a global community of information leaders, committed to driving exceptional business outcomes through effective information management.  


Shelly Strickland 

AIIM International