February 1, 2024 


Association for Intelligent Information Management Welcomes the Business Forms Management Association to its Community  

Silver Spring, Maryland – The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) and the Business Forms Management Association (BFMA) have joined forces. As of January 18, 2024, BFMA is now a part of AIIM.  

BFMA has been helping professionals and organizations make better forms and manage them since 1958, producing educational programming, publications, and certificates for those in the forms management and forms strategy.  

“As a forward-focused organization that understands the importance of the complete information lifecycle, we believe AIIM is the perfect fit to continue BFMA’s legacy,” said BFMA Chief Financial Officer Ray Killam. “Forms are an integral part of the business process and the primary source for capturing data and initiating the information lifecycle.” 

“We are excited to welcome BFMA members into AIIM,” said AIIM President & CEO Tori Miller Liu, CIP. “The goal of the acquisition is to preserve BFMA’s good work by growing the body of knowledge around forms management and forms strategy within AIIM.”   

Existing BFMA Members received AIIM+ membership as part of the acquisition. BFMA white papers, conference proceedings, and other materials were acquired by AIIM and will be added to AIIM’s extensive library of information management resources. As a new added member benefit, all AIIM members will also receive a discount to the Forms Management Book of Knowledge and related online courses. To continue to advance the field, former BFMA Board Members will author blog posts and lead education sessions for AIIM.  

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About the Association for Intelligent Information Management 

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Shelly Strickland 
AIIM International