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And the survey said... Make your voice heard on the future of Information Management

Feb 20, 2018 12:06:57 PM by John F. Mancini



There’s a lot going on in the content management space right now. The "scale" of information challenges is getting bigger by the day -- bigger files, more of them, in wildly varying formats and in demand across more and more applications and processes.

Our State of the Industry survey this year is focused on better understanding these information management challenges.

A couple of VERY preliminary data points from participants so far: 

  • 75% say, “Our organization wants to pick only the information capabilities we need for each process or application.”
  • 52% fear their organization “could face serious disruption of our business model in the next 2 years.”
  • 84% say that Digital Transformation is “important” or “very important” to their organization.

But what do YOU think. We need YOUR opinion. Lend your voice to the survey.


As a bit of a thank you, at the end of the survey you'll automatically get a link to 16 AIIM Tip Sheets. They're totally free -- no landing page or email requirement or anything. Just a Thank You. Here are the titles:

  1. 4 Guaranteed Ways to Create a File Migration Mess
  2. 4 Tips to Prepare for the European General Data Protection Regulation
  3. 4 Ways “ECM” Turned Out Differently Than We Planned
  4. 5 Reasons Improving Data Quality Should be a Strategic Priority for Outsourcers
  5. 5 Reasons to Get Serious About the “Last Mile” Problem
  6. Digital Disruption & Emerging Markets
  7. Do New Hires Think Your Organization Resembles a Computer Museum?
  8. 4 Challenges in Taking Capture to the Next Level
  9. Logistics Means More Than Moving Physical Stuff Around
  10. Misplaced Data Quality Priorities – OCR Accuracy vs. System Performance
  11. The Next Logistics Wave – Digital Trucking
  12. What if your search was better and more encompassing?
  13. 6 Key Transportation and Logistics Challenges Facing all Companies
  14. The Next Wave – Content Management + Analytics
  15. 6 Tips on Asset Lifecycle Information Management
  16. 5 Reasons Building Information Modelling (BIM) is Important

I hope you'll join us. Take the survey.

Topics: information governance, electronic records management, content mangement, IIM, intelligent information management

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