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Disruption Rule 2 - Leverage the technology you already use

Feb 9, 2016 10:22:59 AM by John Mancini

We are doing a series of blog posts tied insights from some of the AIIM Board and speakers at AIIM16. We're doing this under the series name, Stop Waiting and Start Doing: Rules to Tackle Digital Disruption.


The second "rule" is submitted by former AIIM Board member and PDF Association Executive Director Duff Johnson.  Duff Johnson is one of two ISO Project Leaders for the PDF specification, and founded his first company, Document Solutions, Inc., in 1996. Duff is a noted expert on PDF accessibility and the application of accessibility standards to electronic content under Section 508 and similar regulations. He has previously chaired AIIM’s Standards Committee, served on AIIM’s Board of Directors, and is a recipient of AIIM’s Distinguished Service Award.You can follow him on Twitter at @DuffJohnson.

Duff's will be running a Roundtable at AIIM16 on PDF Is Here to Stay: Learn to Leverage Its True Power:  "PDF files are the most common electronic document file format in the world. An ISO standard since 2008, PDF has been the format of choice for electronic documents for almost two decades, and is increasingly taking over from TIFF in document imaging. PDF is here to stay, but in many cases the power of PDF is not being leveraged."

Rule #2 - Leverage the technology you already use.

Duff explains:  "Many new projects are band-aids applied to old projects. Before you change to system Y, are you sure system X isn’t good enough? Maybe you should look again with fresh eyes.”

Brian Tuemmler, Director of IG Product Strategies at Nuix, offers this take (Nuix is a sponsor of AIIM16):

"You also may find a new use for system X altogether. It surprises some people that building a legacy content retention category involves similar tasks to discovering litigation content, investigating crimes and protecting classified materials. You can use the same tools with minor changes for all of those use cases."


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