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Case Management -- Bad Name, But Critical #ECM Application

Nov 8, 2010 7:58:59 AM by John F. Mancini

There's an interesting upcoming webinar on a topic with enormous potential -- case management.

Now I will admit that I don't particularly like the name "case management" as a description of this market space. It seems to imply for me people sitting around some dusty office, waiting endlessly for their "case" to be addressed. Or something medical, which I usually don't like to even consider (true confessions -- I need to turn the other way when my daughter is watching Grey's Anatomy if anything with blood comes on). I wish with all the marketing talent out there we all could have come up with a different name.

But even if I am not wild about the name, I think what case management actually represents is the vanguard of the next stage of content management.

Here are the details on the webinar -- you should attend and get ahead of this curve.  The Forrester folks (Craig Le Clair) will be doing the content, so it will be good.

Nov 17, 2010 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST (Online)

02-03 PM Eastern (GMT-5); 01-02 PM Central; 12-01 PM Mountain; 11-12 PM Pacific

Description of the webinar...

You might think you know what case management is but there is a new emerging definition.  Results from a recent Forrester Research study on case management shows a clear recognition that process automation approaches based on mass production concepts are no longer adequate.  Instead, there is a new generation of information worker-driven processes and a new meaning for case management.  One that moves from a “replace the paper file” mind set – to a view that our basic approach to processes have evolved and new ways to improve processes require a new way of thinking and new support tools.This webinar will discuss the findings of this research, including:the basics of what case management means to your organizationthe notion of an ad hoc exception management or complex request processing with case managementsupport for the information workeridentifying the gaps in automationwhat this all means for your business.

You can register HERE -- or paste the following directly into your browser

See you there...


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