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8 recommendations to get started on your own Process Revolution

Jul 2, 2012 5:30:48 AM by John F. Mancini

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8 recommendations to get started on your own Process Revolution -- From  Process Revolution - Moving Your Business from Paper to PCs to Tablets -- free download...

  1. Audit your processes to see where paper slows throughput, adds process steps, or restricts transparency and reporting.
  2. In particular, examine your customer (or supplier or staff) response mechanisms to see if physical mailings or paper processing are slowing things down, restricting visibility, or paralleling electronic communications paths.  
  3. Look at how physical handling of incoming mail site-by-site might better be centralized, processed in higher volume, and distributed electronically.
  4. If you are already using scanning, consider how much “closer to the door” you could be going electronic, and how that might transform who does the subsequent processing and where they might be located.
  5. Evaluate the latest technology for capturing data from forms and invoices, and look to process a higher proportion of your documents automatically.
  6. Aim to scan documents or capture data as close to the source as possible – in the branch office, on the shop floor, in the field or at the customer’s premises.
  7. Brainstorm how the capabilities of modern mobile devices – portable scanners, smartphones, tablets and specialist devices – could transform your processes by eliminating elapsed time, lost forms, poor data, and re-keying.
  8. Audit all of your processes that involve input from non-office staff, or suppliers or partners, to see how downstream process steps might be eliminated if they could interface directly to the process.

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