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10 Posts on #ECM, #Capture, and #SharePoint Worth Reading

Apr 2, 2013 8:16:42 AM by John F. Mancini

Bryant Duhon

Member of the Week: Governance, ERM, and Peddling Faster with Monica Crocker by Bryant Duhon Editor for AIIM -- ERM -- Monica Crocker has been an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultant since 1991. Monica serves as Corporate Records Manager for Land O'Lakes, helping tailor ECM solutions to me... read more

Chris Walker

Principles of Holistic Information Governance by Chris Walker Business Development Manager for OpenText -- ECM ERM -- This previous post was about the need for holism in information governance. This post brings up topics that you’ll have to deal with in defining holistic information governance. (I think I... read more

Christian Buckley

The Dual Core of Collaboration by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Axceler -- ECM SharePoint Social Business -- Back in the mid-1990s I went to work for the phone company as a technical project manager, managing many of the front-end applications into our data warehouses, and at one point was taske... read more

Gregory Bartels

In Accounts Payable, “Garbage In” Can Make Quite a Mess by Gregory Bartels President for IPS -- Capture ECM ERM -- In the early days of computing, there was a popular saying about the power of information technology.  “People make mistakes,” the saying went, “but to really screw things up, you need a compute... read more

Jeff Dunmall

"Go Yammer" means Go Cloud by Jeff Dunmall President for imason inc. -- SharePoint Social Business -- Just a day after I posted Gartner’s “Go With Yammer” Too Simplistic, Microsoft released an update to its social roadmap. Jared Spataro outlined the next few stages of Yammer integration. His mes... read more

Daniel Antion

Failure Should Be an Option by Daniel Antion Vice President Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers -- Last week, during the AIIM Conference, I heard a lot of speakers talk about failure. I heard speakers suggesting that we should “avoid impossible projects” in order to insure that failure won’t ... read more

Richard Medina

by Richard Medina Co-Founder and Principal Consultant for Doculabs Inc.

How to Assess Your Capture Operation  -- Capture -- If you own or manage a capture operation you probably want to know how it’s doing.Whether you do capture in-house (using Captiva, Datacap, Kofax or others) or outsource (to Xerox, Pitney, more

Which Part of E-Discovery Should You Fix First?  -- ERM -- The smartest thing I know about information governance and defensible disposition is this: concentrate on focused projects. CMSwire put it this way in a summary of Symantec’s 2012 State of Infor... read more

14 Best ECM Practices in Financial Services -- Capture -- We recently benchmarked 6 major financial services firms (all Doculabs clients) and compared their maturity for managing documents. Here’s a summary of the results. It’s a small sample but it sh... read more

Developing your Assessment Plan for Defensible Disposition -- ERM -- As I outlined here, an effective defensible disposition methodology primarily consists of developing and then executing four major stages: The Defensible Disposition Policy The Tec... read more


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