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[Working Lunch Series] Changing Times: The Future of ECM

Jul 12, 2017 1:09:00 PM by John Mancini

What are you having for lunch today? A tuna sandwich? A salad? No matter what you're having, we have the perfect side dish to go with it - learning! It is just as important to fuel your mind as it is your body. That's why we've created this "Working Lunch Blog Series." The idea here is simple - every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks we'll post a video of one of our most popular sessions from The AIIM Conference 2017. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy an educational video during your lunch hour! Or make it social and invite the whole staff to watch!

This week's session is "Changing Times: The Future of ECM" from Stephen Ludlow of OpenText.

In this video session, Stephen helps to bring some clarity to the buzz and chatter surrounding ECM. What does the future of ECM look like? What’s behind the shift from “content management” to “content services?” And what should organizations be doing to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities? Join product leaders from OpenText and Documentum as they review the current state of ECM and lay out a go-forward strategy that maximizes current investments while preparing for future success.
  • Increase understanding of the changes taking place in the strategy and practice of ECM
  • Gain insight into the new thinking being utilized to achieve ECM success
  • Learn about the emerging ecosystem of content services and how it can drive success

Topics: content management, enterprise content management, ecm, intelligent information management

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