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I don't want your stinking gmail address.

Jan 20, 2016 11:21:33 AM by John Mancini


Twice in the last 5 minutes I came across something a bit new -- at least for me -- and I thought I would ping the network and see what people think.  To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I think.

Here's the issue.  In a B2B environment, do personal email addresses have any value?

Here are two screen shots.  The first was from -- a very awesome corporate governance site of which I am a member.


As you can see, a BUSINESS email address (assuming a .com or .org) is necessary to register, and registration is rejected with a personal email address (in this case, gmail).

The second example is on the site -- another very awesome site, BTW -- and the example is tied to downloading a whitepaper on digital transformation.  The whitepaper was sponsored by Oracle, so I am assuming the requirement for a "business" email address is tied to their requirements.


So in thinking about this, here's a bit of personal background on my own email practices.  

A personal New Year's resolution for me was to clean up my email habits. My account has gotten so clogged with newsletters and other communications -- most of which I opted in for, I freely admit. But the cumulative impact has been to crowd out the transactional AIIM emails (both internal and external) that I need to act on in a more timely way -- emails requiring a decision from peers and members.  So I made the decision that I would clear all of these commuications out of my account, and consciously choose which to continue and which to not, but to do so in my personal email account.

The reason for doing this in my personal email account is that I have come to the conclusion that actually CONSUMING and DIGESTING this kind of information best occurs in a more reflective environment -- my personal email -- and not one cluttered up by all the day to day business issues I need to address.  So the issue is NOT that I am uninterested, nor is it that I have ceased to be the John Mancini at AIIM. I'm interested! And it's not that I don't want you to know who I am -- I'm happy to provide basic fields of demographic data to tell you in exchange for the information.

So what do people think?  

For my marketing friends out there in AIIM sell-side companies, do you place any value on personal email addresses? Why or why not?  What do YOU think is the path to content management marketing effectiveness

And for all of my user friends out there, how are YOU dealing with the question of balancing email overload and keeping up with your day to day email-based decision-making with the need to stay informed?


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