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Proving Content Management Marketing Effectiveness and ROI Still a Challenge

May 1, 2016 4:17:12 PM by John Mancini

So how do you prove ROI? Many marketers we deal with at AIIM on a day to day basis view this purely through the prism of lead quantity. In fact, AIIM itself sometimes feeds into this perception. Many of our sponsored programs (white papers, webinars, etc.) do at times focus mostly on the number of leads generated. For 60% of the marketers we surveyed, “increasing the number of leads” was one of their core objectives. So far, so good.

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However, the reality facing marketers is more complex than just sheer numbers. Yes, quantity matters. But the quality of leads is of even greater importance. “Converting contacts and leads to customers” -- a lead quality and lead nurturing question -- ranks even higher in our survey (71%) than quality. This need to generate both leads and to move those leads through a qualification and nurturing process is one of the reasons we’ve introduced AIIM Enhanced Lead Nurturing Services.

Beyond the sheer question of the number and quality of leads is the obvious question of exactly how -- whether? -- marketing effectiveness and ROI is measured. If the impact of marketing is not measured regularly and consistently, most analyses of its effectiveness become little more than guesswork. In our survey, only 10% of organizations systematically measure marketing effectiveness; 38% either don’t measure it or wing it. 

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AIIM research of 100 senior sales and marketing executives in the content and information management space indicates that for 42%, THE most important marketing challenge is a strategic one: “Proving the ROI of our marketing activities”

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