Financial Automation Road-Trip Kit

A Free Kit from AIIM

Financial Automation Road-Trip Kit Cover

A road-trip is all about loading up the car with friends or family and embarking on a long journey, often to an agreed upon end destination. In this case, we invite you to join us on the journey to your Financial Automation future. But, no road trip is complete without a few crucial supplies – that’s why we’ve bundled 3 of our top financial automation assets into this Financial Automation Road-Trip Kit, which includes:

  • Your vehicle (infographic): Get an overview of the ‘vehicle’ that’ll get you to your destination - Business Process Management (BPM) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Explore and understand what new roles BPM and RPA are playing in the journey to digital transformation. See the data points and get our recommendations.
  • Food for Thought (eBook): Feed your hunger for knowledge with this overview of how e-invoicing and invoice automation can help drive your overall digital transformation and learn about the key items to consider as you build your strategy.
  • Your Map (eBook): Chart your course to world-class financial automation with this eBook full of best practices and tips.

The future of finance is digital - let’s get there together!