From Risk Mitigation to Value Enhancement:
A New Governance Imperative

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020
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From Risk Mitigation to Value Enhancement: A New Governance Imperative 

Organizations have long made the connection between the plethora of information flowing into their enterprises and the compliance and legal risk this carries. Ask any governance professional about regulations, records, and e-discovery; her insight will likely be well-studied and well-founded. However, the increasing customer demand for value, availability, and quality when it comes to products and services is causing a shift in the perceived role of information governance within certain organizations. For digital transformation leaders, something bigger is indeed in play now – an increasing connection between information governance and business strategy, particularly in the current economic climate. 


How did these high performing organizations change mindsets and practices around governance? 


They employed deliberate proof points, processes, and practices to leverage their most valuable asset – information – to focus on customer value. And one capability was shared by all three application areas: automation, as the key to managing their information at scale. 


We invite you to learn from an exciting lineup of presenters who look forward to sharing their winning approaches with you. Together, we’ll explore their lessons learned and identify the steps you can take now to be guided by current market demands without sacrificing control. 

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Our Event Speakers




Host:  Kevin Craine, MBA

Content Strategist,
Host & Producer AIIM On Air Podcast


Keynote: Peggy Winton, CIP

President & CEO





Ryan McVeigh
Managing Partner
Zia Consulting



Greg Meurer
Sr. Product Manager
Iron Mountain


Hunter Willis
Product Marketing Manager


Greg Wilson
Director of Content Services
ASG Technologies


Anthony Woodward
Chief Technology Officer




From Risk Mitigation to Value Enhancement:

A New Governance Imperative

– Keynote

Peggy Winton, President, AIIM


Join AIIM President, Peggy Winton, as she shares the latest AIIM research on how digital transformation leaders are taking their Information Governance to the next level – from compliance and risk management to strategy and value enhancement. What was one capability used across policies, processes, and tools in this transformation? Automation.

Governance Regulations and Risk



Alfresco will discuss the state of regulations and risk in the Governance market today as well as offer recommendations on how to reduce those risks.

Refresh & Simplify:
Privacy-Aware Governance Tackles Your Darkest Data

Greg Wilson, Director of Content Services
ASG Technologies

Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner
Zia Consulting

All organizations agree that de-risking collaborative systems and dark data across their enterprise is critical—but it can be a varied and treacherous path to success when taking on vast deployments of SharePoint, Box, and Microsoft365. During this session, industry experts from ASG Technologies and Zia Consulting will share their insight on how best to reduce privacy risk and automate compliance requirements for content and files, including: 1) How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice and 2) Methods to extend information governance and data privacy to collaborative systems...and much more.

Intelligent Document Processing & Automation

Greg Meurer, Sr. Product Manager
Iron Mountain


This session will showcase how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be used to automatically classify content as it is entering the organization, and enrich it with relevant metadata to automate downstream business processes, allowing organizations to drive value from their data, automate policy application, and drive efficiency.

Reducing Risk Caused by Sensitive Information in Microsoft 365

Hunter Willis, Product Marketing Manager


This presentation will highlight native ways that Microsoft 365 offers to secure and structure information in the platform, as well as quick strategies to implement them, some of the challenges to this approach, and how AvePoint solves them.

Digital Transformation at Warp Speed - Infusing Machine Learning Into Information Management

Anthony Woodward, Chief Technology Officer

Working from home has accelerated digital transformation across industries. Coupled with increasing regulation, today’s environment requires information governance underpin all the applications where users collaborate. The governance landscape is already seeing the payoffs of machine learning with successful results in automated classification, ROT detection, entity extraction, and more. Anthony Woodward, RecordPoint Co-Founder and CTO, will discuss current and near-future enhancements for information management, and the importance of making AI solutions easy to use and value-driven.

Streamlining Information Governance For Cloud Applications

Case Study from a Regional Restaurant Chain

It can be hard to keep up with the information governance aspects of cloud data. This is especially true as more and more companies implement platforms like Slack, Box, Zoom, and MS Teams. Today, enterprise data has taken on new and complex formats and accumulates in more silos than we can count.

In this session, we’ll discuss how a platform like Onna solves these issues by delivering a centralized search and management experience for all of your applications.


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