Identifying the Trends and Minimizing the Risks with Your Sensitive Data

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The amount of information organizations must manage today is staggering. Stacks of statistics point to the overwhelming tide of data. According to Statista, 74 zettabytes of data was created in 2021 alone. And if you are wondering, just how much is a zettabyte? That’s a trillion gigabytes! So, when you do the math, 74 trillion gigabytes of data was created just last year – nearly double the amount created in 2019. 

The growing volume of information is often too much for organizations to keep up. According to our research at AIIM, member organizations tell us that the volume of incoming content is expected to grow by 4.5x over the next two years. Making matters worse, members tell us that nearly 60% of all that content is unstructured, meaning that it isn’t easily ingested into digital systems in a pre-defined manner. And increasingly, organizations grapple with the rising influx of non-traditional content like audio, video, and chat streams that often fall outside the scope of traditional content management scenarios. 

Download this brief to learn why identifying and understanding what information is hidden or overlooked in enterprise content repositories is vital. 

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