Free Webinar: Easing the Transition from Legacy ECM Systems to New Beginnings

For our UK and European Community

The saying goes that familiarity breeds contempt, but in information technology terms familiarity can be much more beneficial. Corporate users are faced with the need to learn multiple systems, locate data and content from several independent silos of information, and not surprisingly are often resistant to change. So what happens when we need to retire a system everyone knows how to use and ask users to transition to a new system?  How can we remove the burden of constantly having to learn new systems from our users, helping them to work  smarter rather than harder?

For many years ECM has talked about becoming ubiquitous – or moving behind the scenes – allowing users to perform ECM-related tasks from their regular line-of-business tools. This is now beginning to happen.

Join this webinar to learn how providing ECM functionality from familiar user interfaces such as Outlook can not only reduce training times and overcome resistance to change, but can also assist with the retiring of legacy systems, the transition to the cloud, and new beginnings.

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Speakers for this webinar:


Dave Jones, Vice President European Operations, AIIM


Fergus Wilson, CTO, Repstor