Free Webinar: Overcome the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies: How Content Can Work FOR, not AGAINST, You

For our UK and European Community

There are many ways to reduce and eliminate waste in your organisation’s processes. You need rapid, low cost improvements. And you need to align these efforts with organisational goals and objectives.

In this webinar, CRE8 President George Dunn will outline the 5 Deadly Process Improvement Inefficiencies and how to address and overcome them (hint: it’s all about the process). He’ll give a high level overview of how you can achieve some quick wins and understand how to present the ROI to your peers and executives.

We’ll also have an in-depth discussion on digital signatures and why this is one of the quickest wins, with a high ROI, that you can achieve. This will be illustrated with case study examples exploring the benefits of incorporating process improvement methodologies with digital signature technology.


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Speakers for this webinar:

George Dunn, President, CRE8 Inc.

Larry Kluger, Sr Marketing Manager, Integrations, CoSign by ARX