Free Webinar: Consumerization of IT: When Productivity Trumps Control

Digital transformation is here, and it’s bringing the consumerization of IT to our doorstep.

Organizations have dealt with the challenge associated with the intersection of people, processes, and information through a series of technology waves. Systems that were implemented more than a decade ago simply don’t have the agility or flexibility to address today’s business challenges elegantly and inexpensively.

At a recent AIIM ELC meeting, Karen Green, CIO of Brooks Rehabilitation got to the core of things: “Put simply, IT is in transition from information management to making information super useful.” At the heart of “making information super useful” is looking closely at the intersection of people, processes, and information.

One survey says that 72% of people admit to using unsanctioned cloud applications.* We need to open opportunity for the business units to use their own productivity tools that can integrate into the organization, and can relieve the burden and stress of the departments.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of the "citizen developer", increase productivity, and bring your teams together in the process. We’ll examine how to:

  • Collaborate in the cloud
  • Allow customization without IT developer intervention
  • Automate your workflows
  • Drive action and insight
  • Accelerate your success

 * OneLogin Survey 2012

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Speakers for this webinar:


Dan Elam, Vice President, Contoural


Steven Duque, Product Marketing Manager, Quickbase