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6 Ideas for Transforming Enterprise IT

Posted by Atle Skjekkeland on Dec 9, 2014 8:25:00 AM

Most organizations struggle with enterprise IT. The business find it complex, slow, and out of date. Executives think they waste most of their IT budgets, but struggle figuring out what to do. 77% of staff don't think their IT department is doing a good job providing them with effective tools and technologies. I think the problem is the business executives, not IT. We have mismanaged it due to a fear of the "black-box" IT function.

I have previously written about the need for a digital transformation. Only then will we be able to improve corporate productivity and shareholder value to the level it used to be pre-1995. This means we need to rethink how we prioritize and spend our IT budgets.


I have below outlined a few ideas for transforming your enterprise IT.

1. Incentivize the business to identify technology that can improve or innovate business operations - let every staff and customer become a possible innovator 

  • If you can't figure out what to do, ask staff. If staff can't figure out what to do, ask your customers and partners.
  • Establish a framework for identifying, testing, and implementing new technology
  • Provide rules about implementation, security, and integration.

2. Kill the traditional procurement process – focus on progress, not perfection

  • Never again list everything you want. This will only increase complexity, timeframe, and costs
  • Prioritize progress over perfection since requirements will change over time
  • Only do exception for unique solutions that will create a new reality for your organization

3. Turn the IT department into technology sherpas for guiding business users – let the business innovate business operations

  • Embrace user-centric IT
  • Establish standards for connecting people, information, and knowledge
  • Try to make security, privacy, and compliance inherent and transparent to knowledge workers

4. Prioritize technology that improves customer and employee engagement – improve customer service by 10%, productivity by 22%, and profitability by 21%.

  • Focus on improving collaboration, communication, and transparency 
  • Break down silos with flat and open networks
  • Measure everything 

5. Reduce IT budgets for maintaining legacy systems to force change - innovations happens best when we are forced to change.

  • Migrate back-office legacy systems to the cloud
  • Only say yes to large projects that provide a real competitive advantage 
  • Replace the success metrics to gauge projects from time, cost, and resources to value, capacity, and time-to-market

6. Plan for ongoing improvements and innovations - focus 80% on people, 15% on processes, and 5% on technology 

  • Embrace and celebrate change 
  • Leverage outside-in business and technology advice 
  • Fail fast to innovate

What do you think? Would this work for your organization? 

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