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How to Sell Solutions to Business Leaders

Posted by Atle Skjekkeland on Oct 29, 2015 6:46:23 AM

It's time to rethink your sales approach. Forget the solution, - it's all about education and insights. 

  • Many organizations need a digital transformation – they need to improve customer engagement and business productivity.
  • The SMAC stack (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) allows you to disrupt the market – for example, the evolution in cloud computing pricing makes it easier to justify replacing existing on-premise solution.
  • IT investments are changing from IT to BusinessGartner claims that the business currently control 35% of IT investments, but this will change to 90% by 2020.
  • Business Leaders want to be educated - AIIM research has found that 75% of business leaders are willing to meet with new sales reps if they can provide them with new business insights
  • Consumer IT is impacting how buyers evaluate enterprise IT – they want according to R Wang from Constellation Group solutions that are simple, sexy, smart, scalable, secure, and safe. 

Businesses leaders want to improve customer engagement and corporate productivity, but struggle breaking free from "the pull of the past". They get the Why, but struggle with the What and the How. This means long sales cycles with lots of stakeholders.  But you can change this if you change your approach. You need to keep it simple and smart to sell solutions to business leaders - it's time for KISS2.0. 

AIIM has identified what it takes to sell document automation and management to business leaders. Join me in London November 20 for a 1-day workshop in how to best identify and engage business leaders for selling Enterprise Content Management.

Feedback from previous course attendees;

  • One of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time. Useful and powerful information, critical to what we are trying to accomplish– ECM Director
  • The combination of course content and dynamic presentation made this training one the best I have experienced” – National Enterprise AccountManager
  • Brilliant! Recommend this course to anyone selling ECM– Solution Consultant
  • Thanks again for one of the most engaging, enjoyable and quality training sessions I have ever been involved inSales Manager, MajorAccounts, Government and Education
  • Best course I have attended in my 2 years at X” – Marketing Manager
  • Outstanding – worth every minute of the time invested– Solution Consultant

We have limited space, - register now to secure your spot. For more information http://info.aiim.org/howtosellecmclassroom 


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