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Your Digital Workplace in 2020?

Posted by Atle Skjekkeland on Aug 26, 2014 8:17:00 AM

It’s difficult to plan a journey without an agreed upon destination. Lets therefore try to outline how your digital workplace may look like in 2020.

  1. Business control most of the tech spending - staff buy whatever app they want.
  2. Apps come and go – staff implement and discard apps on a daily basis.  The best app win over time when many apps compete for the same purpose.
  3. Manual and repetitive processes are automated - everything from parking your car to corporate expense reports
  4. Email is (almost) dead - social networks connects staff and customers. We use gamification with status symbols and rewards to drive engagement.
  5. Analytics provide insight - staff get context-specific help to do their job. Big Data analytics will make staff aware of relevant people, information, and knowledge
  6. Anywhere, anytime access - colleagues, information, and insights are available from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. Smart devices connect our physical and virtual worlds. 
  7. Corporate information and knowledge is dispersed across a myriad of silos and devices – organizations have established processes for protecting IP, vital records, and ensuring compliance.
  8. Knowledge Management is back - staff turnaround sets new requirements for knowledge transfer and mobilization. Knowledge needs to be captured, retained, and shared.
  9. Information Governance is automated - security, privacy, and compliance has become inherent and transparent to the user experience. Staff are aware of their obligations, but not required to do any manual tasks to comply
  10. IT staff have become innovation experts, project managers, and developers – the rest have been outsourced


Image shows AIIM President John Mancini at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington DC.

What are then the implications for information professionals?

  1. Standards will need to be established to connect people, information, and knowledge across multiple platforms, apps, locations, and devices – forget the pipes, focus on what flows through the pipes
  2. Paper processes will need to be digitized, mobilized, and socialized – organizations have to get rid of paper processes to get to the next level
  3. Content analytics will automate how information is captured, processed, accessed, secured, and retained – we will continue to be information hoarders, but analytics will provide us with insights and knowledge
  4. We need to rethink how we can gather and analyze information from connected devices, staff, and customers – the Internet of Things will open up new opportunities for business transformation
  5. Information governance will have to span across multiple platforms, apps, locations, and devices – and it needs to be inherent and transparent to the user

What do you think? Anything missing?

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