AIIM Virtual Event: Intelligent Capture— Your Onramp to Business Efficiency

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
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Of all the use cases for document capture, "scan-to-archive" is the most mature. Many organizations are still evolving from a focus on scan to archive to one focusing on scan to process. After all, if you want your information or content to be governed by an information management system, it must be made known to the system, otherwise it will remain in an unmanaged state.

Intelligent Capture technologies are tightly connected to this evolution. Intelligent capture software automates the scanning and capturing of critical paper and electronic documents – such as invoices, contracts, claims, receipts and shipment documents – replacing manual input and processing. The captured content is then stored in an organized manner complete with metadata and classification. Once all that information is organized, it is analyzed and automatically processed using AI and analytics platforms.

While simply getting rid of the paper and/or digitizing it is a necessary part of Digital Transformation, on its own, this is no longer sufficient to truly transform business processes and enable effective collaboration. Tune in on Wednesday, April 29, as we gather thought leaders from a variety of industries to provide answers to these important questions:
  • Why – and how? – is Intelligent Capture a key enabling technology for Digital Transformation?
  • What is the relationship between intelligent Capture and downstream process automation?
  • What is the value of using intelligent Capture - to have ALL the information you need - to collaborate productively?
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Our Event Speakers

Craine, Kevin

Host:  Kevin Craine, MBA

Content Strategist,
Host & Producer AIIM On Air Podcast


PeggyWinton CIP

Keynote: Peggy Winton, CIP

President & CEO



Hadi Chami

Developer Support Manager



Daniel Cheng

Chief Marketing Officer

Product Management

Process Fusion


Greg Council

VP of Marketing and

Product Management



Jim Hayes

Marketing Manager - Intelligent Capture

OpenText Corporation


Pat Myers

EVP and Capture

Practice Lead

Zia Consulting, Inc.


Scott Parker

Director of Product Marketing


Sixto-A.-Suñé -TCG-Process

Sixto Suñé

CEO TCG International

TCG Process International








Integrating Capture, AI, RPA, & Machine Learning for a Complete Digital Transformation

- Pat Myers, Zia Consulting, Inc.

The latest technology trends encompass artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and intelligent document capture. However, as stand-alone products, these tools cannot help your organization become fully digitized. These solutions must be integrated to undergo a full digital transformation -- allowing your organization to be competitive, compliant, and efficient. In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of utilizing -- as well as integrating -- these technology trends. We'll explore case studies about companies that have already undergone this transformation, and reveal what your organization should be doing now to prepare for digital disruption.

Machine Learning Demystified: The Truth and Hype of Machine Learning within Intelligent Capture

- Greg Council, Parascript

Intelligent Capture is having a renaissance as more organizations prioritize automation that requires structured access to unstructured document-based information. Advances in artificial intelligence primarily drive this surge in automation-oriented projects. As a result, you can't go anywhere without being bombarded with words like machine learning, NLP, deep learning, and AI. What does all of this mean, especially when it comes to practical requirements, planning, and readiness for implementing Intelligent Capture? This session will cover the main areas of AI, focusing on applications of machine learning within Intelligent Capture and the key things you need to understand before you begin your journey.

Intelligent Capture Automation:

Doing More with Less

- Jim Hayes, OpenText

In today's market, automation – and more specifically, processing more information with fewer physical staff – is a crucial consideration for IT, business, and shared services leaders. Also, with an abundance of remote workers, Intelligent Capture provides the ergonomic and intuitive user interfaces necessary for users to complete any capture-related task from any location. In this session, we'll demonstrate how an enterprise capture platform that provides Omni / Multi-channel capabilities for collecting everything from scanned paper to electronic information can provide operational efficiency by classifying, extracting data, and routing any piece of content that comes into the organization.

Intelligent Search to Power Intelligent Capture and Accelerate Digital Transformation

- Scott Parker, Sinequa

As organizations deploy increasingly comprehensive information capture strategies and drive ever closer to the point of information creation, intelligent search is emerging as a leading technological choice. With a broad spectrum of connectors to choose from, intelligent search platforms can monitor all of the various points at which information first comes into an organization. With its AI capabilities, an intelligent search solution can identify redundancies, duplicates, and security vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Using Machine Learning to Automatically Redact Sensitive Data in a Paperless Office

- Hadi Chami, LEADTOOLS

With the world currently adjusting to remote work-life, creating and managing a secure paperless office system is more important than ever. Learn how to use machine learning to automatically redact sensitive data in this presentation! We will showcase how to automatically redact confidential information by leveraging machine vision and key-value extraction to identify keywords and values found within a document. Once the value is found, users can redact it, highlight it, and store it in a database.

Using Secure Intelligent Capture to Support Remote Workers & Business Workflows

 - Daniel Cheng, Process Fusion, Inc.

With the social distancing mandates by many global health authorities, organizations now require a secure and intelligent document distribution platform to route both physical and digital documents to the remote workers for processing and workflow. See how a national grocery chain and a healthcare agency are leveraging their Intelligent Capture solutions as a secure platform for rapid deployment to the remote workers without complex infrastructure setups (VPNs or VDI) for document distribution and processing.

Using Intelligent Capture in Account Openings at Major International Bank

- Sixto Suñé, TCG Process

A major global bank recently implemented a new system to re-organize the entire account opening process. Over 4,500 account opening applications daily must be processed completely within 25 minutes of receipt of documents. The platform selected not only provides intelligent capture, but also highly automated information extraction and encompassing dossier formalization; accounts get opened immediately after the corresponding dossier is approved within the application. Success breeds success; the same customer is currently implementing two additional process applications.


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