Disruptive BPM for Disruptive Times - 5 Key Requirements

An AIIM Tip Sheet

Time to think differently about process transformation?

Say the words “Business Process Management,” or even worse, mention the acronym “BPM,” and many business executives with long memories will run for the hills, chased by ghosts of past costly, complex, over-budget and late process management projects. But what if it was possible to think about BPM differently?

In today's world of business, agility and efficiency are now required for success and that means a more modern, no-code approach to BPM that empowers the people who understand your business needs the best to control and update your processes. We're calling this new approach to BPM, "Disruptive BPM" and it's revolutionizing Business Process Management for today’s Businesses!

In this FREE tips sheet we review "Disruptive BPM" and highlight:

  • 5 key requirements you should look for in a disruptive BPM platform
  • How no-code BPM solutions are changing the way we work
  • How to think differently about your approach to BPM