Information Security

Checking the Locks

Recent AIIM research finds that 31% of those polled feel their companies’ information security is insufficient.
Information Security - Checking the Locks

Today, fallout from an information security breach can be severe, and damages extend beyond the quantifiable losses to the bottom line. It is critical to assess your organization’s risk for a cyber-attack or a security breach, as well as its ability to protect and defend sensitive information.

With the future course of the enterprise bound for digital, now more than ever, it is vital for organizations to effectively secure data assets and patch up vulnerabilities to a security breach.

Download this article to learn more about the security realities of modern organizations, how to identify the angles most susceptible to security breaches, and ways to address the difficulties in shoring up security vulnerabilities.

Learn about:

  • Information Security challenges being faced by your peers
  • The locations of greatest risk for security breach—internally and across the firewall.
  • Our recommendations on how to address security vulnerabilities in your organization

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