Our Collision Course with GDPR - Achieving Compliance Before It's Too Late

A Free Infographic from AIIM

AIIM research finds that only 6% of respondents say they are fully prepared for the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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In May 2018, the GDPR goes live, and will begin enforcement of more stringent data protection regulations to govern personally identifiable information (PII).

If you operate or transact business in the European Union, then you are on a collision course with GDPR. While the impact of GDPR will be closest felt by organizations operating in the EU, beyond geography, businesses worldwide must ensure they course correct to properly comply with changes to European sourced PII. Download this infographic to learn about important notifications to keep in mind while preparing for GDPR compliance, as well as benchmark your GDPR readiness progress against peers.

Learn about:

  • Which policies and procedures need to be revised or created to achieve compliance with the GDPR
  • The hidden costs to achieving compliance
  • Best practices and recommendations