Free eBook: The Cost of Standing Still

Top 6 Reasons to Renovate Legacy ECM

AIIM research finds that most content still lives outside the ECM system (email and file shares) for 50% of respondents, and 12% report that their ECM system is failing to keep up with their needs.

Your legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system has been a reliable part of your organization for years. It was cutting edge when it was implemented. But how do you know when it’s no longer flexible enough to help your business meet its vision and strategic goals?

This eBook poses six questions that will help you diagnose where your legacy ECM is failing your organization and where a modern content platform can help you deliver the faster time to value your business demands.

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  • When is it time to retire your existing ECM solution?
  • How well your peers are managing migration from legacy ECM
  • Best practices and AIIM recommendations