Give Atlas a Break: When Shouldering Responsibility for Information Governance Is too Heavy for a Human

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The volume, velocity, and variety of information that most organizations need to manage, store, and protect now exceeds their ability to even marginally keep pace with big content challenges. On average, organizations expect the volume of information coming into their organizations to grow from X to 4.5X over the next two years. And, most importantly, they expect over 60% of this information to be unstructured (like a contract or a conversation) or semi-structured (like an invoice or a form).

Many organizations operate in an environment in which workers are encouraged, expected, or required to identify and capture their own information – and that’s an additional challenge in effective information management. Why? Because these users have other business responsibilities that take precedent. They view information management as administrative overhead or busywork that they’d rather not do. And, even if they did, they aren’t adequately trained. No wonder they feel like Atlas!

To be effective, organizations must embrace the approach of “streamline and automate.” To paraphrase Einstein, governance and compliance tasks need to be made as simple as possible (but no simpler). And they need to be automated to the maximum extent possible so that information security and records management are seamlessly occurring without the need for worker intervention.

We invite you to join a conversation with AIIM President, Peggy Winton and experts from Iron Mountain, who will explain how current conditions are driving organizations to strengthen their information governance practices. Topics to be covered include:

  • Current privacy regulations
  • Data breaches and other risks of governance gaps
  • Creating policies that work
  • Reaping the benefits of automated information governance



This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

PeggyWinton CIP Steve Lester Matoney-Kelly

Peggy Winton, CIP

Steven E. Lester, Esq., CCEP
Iron Mountain

Kelly Matoney, JD MBA
Iron Mountain

Underwritten by:

Iron Mountain

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