AIIM Comments on AI Accountability

Why AIIM Responded to U.S. NTIA’s Request for Comment

Governments around the world have started the arduous process of developing regulations and standards for artificial intelligence. In June 2023, AIIM formally responded to a request for comment from the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on AI accountability.

Download AIIM's Comment on AI Accountability

Complete the form on this page to receive a complimentary version of AIIM’s full letter to NTIA. We encourage information management professionals to use the letter as a tool to help guide conversations, decisions, and policy about using AI in their own organizations.  

AIIM's Tenets on AI Accountability

AIIM believes it's vital that regulators develop flexible and practical guardrails for how information is treated during AI development and use. Guardrails will empower innovation, boost adoption, and ensure accountability.

The key tenets of AIIM’s position are:  

  1. Not all AI is equal and public policy should reflect the different levels of risk. 
  2. Need a flexible, universal framework.
  3. Accuracy is key to advancing AI accountability.
  4. Transparency will ensure accountability.
  5. Responsibility is shared.
  6. Mandatory auditing of some AI may be implausible.
  7. The volume and quality of AI output should influence regulations.   

The reality is the pace of change in AI development has exceeded the pace at which regulations and standards are being developed. And as AI adoption and use increases within our own organizations, it is our responsibility as information management professionals to protect our organizations and stakeholders.  


AIIM thanks the authors and editors of its letter to NTIA:   

  • Jed Cawthorne, MBA, CIP, IG, Principal Evangelist, Shinydocs Corporation 
  • Tori Miller Liu, MBA, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO, AIIM 
  • Jennifer Ortega, Ulman Public Policy 
  • Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder, Deep Analysis 


  • Ron Cameron, CEO, KnowledgeLake 
  • Jason Cassidy, CEO, Shinydocs Corporation 
  • Rikkert Engels, CEO and Founder, Xillio 
  • Karen Hobert, Future of Work Thought Leadership & Research, Cisco 
  • Kramer Reeves, Executive Vice President, Work-Relay 


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