5 Key Data Points About Information Overload and Automating Governance

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The tide of information is rising. How do you ensure you stay afloat with managing and protecting it all?

5 Key Data Points About Information Overload and Automating GovernanceInformation is everywhere in our organizations and as businesses realize the value of leveraging this data, our jobs as information managers becomes increasingly difficult. What used to feel manageable now makes us feel like we're in over our heads trying to manage and protect it all. But this rising tide of information isn't going away, according to our research:

  • It's tough now: 75% of organizations see information chaos as a major problem for their organization.
  • And it's going to get tougher: 35% of organizations believe the volume of information and data will grow more than 5-fold in just the next two years

This explosive growth translates into a rise of information chaos that traditional approaches to managing governance and compliance are failing to address. As we face this sink or swim moment, all hope is not lost.

Download this FREE infographic outlining 5 key data points about information overload and automating governance - consider it a life raft to keep you afloat in the rising tide.