5 Questions to Determine Whether Your AI Solution is Really "Intelligent"

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When it comes to document automation, all AI is not created equal!

5 Questions to Determine Whether Your AI Solution is Really “Intelligent”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core is about understanding exactly how something is done, turning these steps and actions into rules, and computerizing them. It's a simple but powerful concept, especially as organizations begin to incorporate this thinking with their process automation.

To ensure you're using this technology to its fullest potential - what kinds of questions should you be asking about AI? In particular, how should you view AI in the context of automating the processing of documents? Get this FREE tip sheet outlining 5 questions to help you determine whether your AI solution is really intelligent, including:

  1. Do your automation efforts increasingly involve the need for data stored in documents?
  2. Can the solution handle unstructured documents (like a contract) as well as it handles semi-structured ones (like an invoice)?
  3. Are you being forced to choose between performance and cost?
  4. Is the solution based on rules or data?
  5. Can the solution dynamically adjust and adapt?