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5 Strategies to Win in the Era of Content Services

Overcome your information chaos by implementing Content Services into your broader Information Management strategy.

5 Strategies to Win in the Era of Content Services CoverThere’s something significant happening right now for content and information management professionals. Three forces are making the job of managing information more challenging and, at the same time, more essential to the success of your business.

  1. Information is cascading down upon your organization in unprecedented volumes and variety, challenging traditional and manual concepts of information stewardship.
  2. The dream of everything living in a single repository is over.
  3. Information management is no longer about storing content; it’s about putting it to use.

It is these three drivers that have initiated the transformation of traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to what is being called Content Services.

As organizations move to adopt this lightweight, more modularized approach to piecing together software, what can be done to ensure Content Services fit into your broader Information Management strategy?

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