Content Intelligence: 5 Use Cases on the Frontier of Machine Learning

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The business and technology press are saturated with articles about WHY organizations must embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies – before it’s too late. And those responsible for driving the information management strategies at their organization have gotten the message. Consider these data points from a recent AIIM survey:

  • 92% of organizations believe that something needs to change and that they must modernize their information management strategy.
  • 85% see failure to automatically digitize, convert, and classify business inputs as a key Digital Transformation bottleneck.
  • 51% of organizations plan to spend “more” or “a lot more” in the next 18-24 months on their efforts to leverage analytics and machine learning.
And yet, many organizations are frustrated in their ability to determine exactly HOW to leverage analytics and machine learning, particularly when it comes to unstructured content and information. The problem is a shortage of practical use cases in HOW to apply these technologies to real business problems.

In this webinar, we will explore:
  1. The key steps you need to take to build a future-facing and machine learning-friendly content strategy – 1) digitizing content; 2) converting content; 3) classifying content; and 4) extracting insight and data.
  2. The core technologies – like 1) document classification, 2) data recognition, extraction and standardization, and 3) Robotic Process Automation – that allow you to automate this journey.
  3. Five practical use cases that will show you HOW organizations have effectively leveraged analytics and machine learning technologies to achieve competitive advantage.

This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

John-Mancini AndrewPery

John Mancini
Chief Evangelist

Andrew Pery



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