6 Shortcuts to Tear Away the Paper

A Free Infographic to Help You Push Past the Paper

6 Shortcuts to Tear Away the Paper

It’s true, there are no shortcuts in life, but fortunately, there are a couple for tearing out the enterprise’s paper legacy. Can we even claim that we live in an era of digital business when nearly 37% admit their organizations are piled high with paper and paper processes, and nearly 50% lack management support and initiatives to do anything about it.

Today, what continues to hold us back is the human factor, and through our research we find that this is still the primary reason for paper use in handling, reading, and signing important documents.

In this infographic, we look at 6 ways to decommission the file cabinets and push past the paper. Learn about:

  • Which enterprise process is first priority for digital transformation
  • Why mobile and cloud services are top drivers
  • How usability and quality user-experience are leading to speedy ROI



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