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A free eBook that talks about how to not fall behind the curve or put your organization in danger

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Information is everywhere. And organizations from all industries are struggling to keep up. Stacks of statistics point to a tsunami of information flooding corporate systems and overwhelming workers in every business activity. 

According to research from IDC, workers in the US create, consume, and manage around 100 Zettabytes of data every day.

 What’s more, that is expected to increase by about 50% by this time next year. The effect on workflow is staggering. Important tasks like employee onboarding, procurement, FOIA requests, and correspondence management are just a few of the backend functions that are under siege while employees in forward-facing activities like customer service, marketing, and sales all face the onslaught of information overload.

One approach that can help is Federation – an information management strategy that allows multiple databases and content repositories to function as one. 

This is what we will be discussing in this eBook. You’ll learn the benefits and what steps to take when it comes to federation. Download your free copy today! 

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