Adding “Velcro” to Your Content Services Strategy

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Adding “Velcro” to Your Content Services Strategy

So many user organizations around the world are struggling with the same multi-pronged challenge:

  1. How to modernize their information infrastructure
  2. How to do so without being forced to rip out legacy systems
  3. How to get more value and insight out of the information trapped in those legacy systems

These organizations seeking to modernize information systems face multiple repositories and applications, and are desperate to find a way to easily connect these legacy repositories in a consistent way. The goal is to simply find the right information at the right time, and to mine these legacy repositories for value and insight. In addition, they also need to connect them to any application interface that wants to consume that content to create customer value.

To explore these challenges, we turned to one of our favorite inventions designed to connect with ease - Velcro! Download this FREE tip sheet to learn how to add "Velcro" to your content services strategy.