AIIM15 - What Did It All Mean?

A Free eBook with a Snapshot of the Takeaways from AIIM15

AIIM15 - What did it all mean?

What happened at AIIM15 should not stay at AIIM15. The outcomes are meant to be shared; the message carried to your industry colleagues grappling with the same challenges of managing the intersection of people, processes and information amid ever-changing technology. 

This eBook delivers a snapshot of what occurred at AIIM15. It includes answers to 13 pressing questions shaping the information management industry today. Here's just a sample of what's included: 

#2 -- What are the "must-dos" for managing information?
#5 -- What is preventing us from creating the "Digital Workplace?"
#7 -- Is records management dying?
#9 -- What are the six challenges of the "New Normal"?
Learn more, and put the answers to work for your organization!



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