Best Practices for Governing Information Lifecycle Management

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Learn the best practices for governing your information lifecycle!

Best Practices for Governing Information Lifecycle Management CoverAre you ready to get more out of your business information and use it to improve the performance of your organization's customer experience, process improvement, and more?

One way is by adopting a more ardent line of attack to Information Lifecycle Management. According to Gartner, “Information Lifecycle Management is an approach that recognizes that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly... seeking to classify information in line with its current business value and establish policies to migrate and store that data appropriately.”

Download this FREE tip sheet to learn about the best practices for lifecycle management, including:

  • How to Audit Your Information
  • Dealing with your ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Information)
  • Automating Governance







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