Will 2022 Bring a New Paradigm for Information Management?

A Free eBook for adopting new ways of working with a competitive advantage

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The experience of the past 18 months has exposed the weak points in most organizations’ Information Management (IM) strategies and practices. Facing increasing volumes of information, disparate workforces, and new customer demands, organizations can no longer view IM solely through a tactical cost- minimization filter, or from strictly a risk and compliance point of view. Now more than ever, organizations need to embrace disruption as a springboard for competitive advantage and adopt new ways of working that invigorate organizational performance.

But making the transition isn’t just about the technology involved; success also requires innovating and productively adopting technologies and tactics that make a real difference. This year, AIIM research identified the key issues that organizations must address if they are to transform – and they can only change if they align IM decisions with business decisions.

Download your free copy of this ebook to see our survey results and learn how to tackle these obstacles in 2022.

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