Free Webinar: Putting the Power of Business Automation into the Hands of Your Business Managers

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As the requirements of your business evolve over time, how you handle and process those requirements also need to evolve. The hurdles associated with creating new internal projects, finding new budgets, and assembling the teams with IT to implement new processes can be time and cost prohibitive. According to recent AIIM research, 51% say their top requirement is to have the flexibility to modify the process themselves.

In this webinar, AIIM’s chief analyst Bob Larrivee discusses ways you can put this agility and flexibility into the hands of your business managers, and share use case examples including:

  • Employee onboarding – from recruitment thru when an employee leaves
  • Contracts management
  • Performance appraisal 
  • New Product Innovation  - with a user-centric product design and launch

Having this user-centric flexibility to make changes in the workflow and design as needed is now achievable – with substantial ROI. Learn how to empower your business managers today.

Speakers for this event


Bob Larrivee, VP & Chief Analyst, AIIM