Free Case Study Webinar: Learn How One Large Insurance Company Successfully Shares and Collaborates Outside the Firewalls

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There’s a growing demand by and for employees to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of their organizations. As a result, businesses must carefully assess their file sharing needs. This is especially prevalent for businesses in highly regulated industries, such as banking or insurance, that are legally required to control documents through a certified chain of custody.

According to recent AIIM research, 85% of respondents are still using email for sharing documents outside the corporate network. This certainly lacks chain of custody, security, access rights, and document controls not to mention the absence of true collaboration capabilities. There is a better way!

In this Case Study webinar, we’ll hear from a leading large insurance company that has successfully mastered this integration, which appears seamlessly to their customers and business partners. We’ll look at how this company:

  • Determined their  business and functional requirements in order to choose a solution
  • Made the case to their executives to get the project approved
  • Assessed what processes had to change, and determined what type of training was needed, to prepare for this new way of working
  • Measures the ROI, with both the hard and soft benefits of their successful implementation

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