AIIM Virtual Event: Changing How Work Gets Done— New Intelligent Automation Tools for a Dynamic Digital World

Join us for this lively Virtual Event on
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
11:00am-3pm EST (UTC -4)

10 am CST; 9 am MST; 8 am PST
4 pm BST (UTC+1); 5 pm CEST (UTC +2)

*If you're unable to attend the live event, register and we will send you the replay shortly after the virtual event ends*

The Concept – A Software Mini-Conference and Reality TV Game Show

This four-hour Virtual Event focuses on Intelligent Automation and the tools and methods available to organizations in all industries to accelerate their Digital Transformation, while reducing costs and streamlining processes.

To make this AIIM Event entertaining as well as informative, we’re going to add some elements of the Competitive Reality TV show. For example, the Master of Ceremonies, David Jenness, will be joined by an independent panel of client and subject matter experts, who will weigh in with commentary after each tool is presented. What we are looking for from the panel is their thoughts on the Wow Factor – What tools will have the most impact? What will address the most pressing problems today?

Continuing the gamification theme, at the end of the Event, we’ll ask the viewing audience via a poll to select the presentation/tool that they think is the most valuable to their organizations now. Who has the most Wow Factor? 


Speaking of Wow Factor, we have a very special guest joining, Capitol recording artist Devon Gilfillian, who will perform two songs live, bringing his soulful R&B croon to the AIIM-IBM Event.


This Virtual Event is approved for 3.5 hours of CIP Maintenance Credits.


The Rundown

Once AIIM producer Theresa Resek covers the housekeeping, master of ceremonies, David Jenness introduces the Expert Panel, who will react to the 6 tools presented.
George Warner Maria Venezia Harvey Spencer Paul Cortellesi

George Warner

Former ECM Leader

NY State

Maria Venezia

Head of Conversational AI

United Nations

Harvey Spencer

Vice President


Paul Cortellesi

ECM Lead

Memorial Sloan Kettering


Peggy Winton, AIIM President


We begin with the AIIM Keynote by AIIM President, Peggy Winton. Her presentation will set up the themes of Changing How Work Gets Done and the emergence of new AI-powered Intelligent Automation tools. AIIM keynotes often draw from AIIM survey data of their membership to help set the context and reveal trends and directions.

Harley Davis
Harley Davis, IBM
Tool #1: Process Mining – The Starting Point for Digital Transformation - Harley Davis, VP of IBM's France Lab and Decision Management, starts the conversation with a look at IBM's new Process Mining tool, called MyInvenio. The solution draws data from an organization's current processes and enables a team to map a process from start to finish, revealing bottlenecks and areas where rework and delays are slowing down the process. It also enables the organization to create a digital twin of the process and then run simulations. What if we automated this segment with robots? What if we eliminated this particular manual approval step and replaced it with an automated decision? And there's one more view: potential cost savings. Now an organization can base its automation decision on real data.
George Warner
Panelist Commentary by George Warner
Troy DesBarres
Troy DesBarres, MagicLamp Software
Tool #2: Robotic Process Automation – Building A Robotic Health Monitoring System – Troy DesBarre, is a founding partner of MagicLamp Solutions, a premiere IBM Business Partner, with lots of experience building RPA applications. He has mastered many of the RPA tools on the market on behalf of clients. In this segment, he’ll show us an application he built using IBM RPA to automate a personal health task that he used to do every day. His demonstration shows how he used the tool to build a simple but very useful application.
Paul Cortellesi
Panelist Commentary by Paul Cortellesi
Eileen Lowry
Eileen Lowry, IBM
Tool #3: AI-Powered Document Processing – Don’t Touch That Document! – Our next presenter is Eileen Lowry, Executive Director of IBM Content Services, who will show IBM’s new cloud-based, AI-powered document processing tool, Automation Document Processing, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify document types and extract data with no programming and a rapid set-up tool designed for business users.
Harvey Spencer
Panelist Commentary by Harvey Spencer
Matt Warta
Matt Warta, IBM
Tool #4: Intelligent Work Management – Gain Control over Business Outcomes - Matt Warta, Program Director, IBM Workflow, will show IBM’s intelligent workflow tool, which can show a team lead what’s happening now, whether they are in danger of missing a KPI, what will likely happen next, and what can be done to improve the outcome. We’ll see dashboards and other tools that provide visibility into cycle time and worker productivity so a team can redistribute work to other team members if needed. Matt will share a demonstration of Operational dashboards to show what is possible.
Paul Cortellesi
Panelist Commentary by Paul Cortellesi
Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.16.16 PM
Then it’s time for Devon Gilfillian to sing a song.
After that, we’ll take a break.
Ed Lynch
Ed Lynch, IBM
IBM Keynote: How to Become an Automation Achiever - We begin the second half of the program with the IBM Keynote delivered by Ed Lynch, VP of Digital Business Automation. Ed will lay out the methodology that IBM Clients follow when planning, designing, and deploying Automation tools. He’ll make the case that true Digital Transformation is not a set of technologies, but a mindset, a cultural shift, and a methodology that begins with data. He and his team advocate a path that helps teams Discover, Decide, Act and Optimize their tools.
Jared Michalic
Jared Michalic, Salient Process
Tool #5: DBASim – A New Tool to Determine Opportunities and ROI for Automation – Following Ed, Jared Michalec of Salient Process, an IBM Business Partner with deep experience in all aspects of Automation, presents Salient’s new tool. Called DBASim, it is the perfect complement to the Process Mining tool seen earlier because it helps identify possible areas to leverage Workflow, Tasks, Decision, Content, and Capture based on pattern, keywords, systems, and other aspects, including a new natural language detector using IBM Watson. He will demonstrate the tool and show off some of the templates available and the ROI Calculator.
George Warner
Panelist commentary by George Warner
Curtis Gearhart
Curtis Gearhart, IBM
Tool #6: Digital Decisioning – When Business Rules Meet Machine Learning – Curtis Gearhart, Program Director for IBM Automation (Decision Services), will share a new capability, known in the industry as Digital Decisioning, which combines business rules with machine learning predictive models to make better, more informed decisions, automatically. Traditional business rules are built to execute policies and procedures just the way they are written. Digital Decisioning enables the organization to automate smart decisions based on historical data. He’ll lay out how it works and then show us an example of how it works in a demonstration.
Maria Venezia
Panelist commentary by Maria Venezia
Ben Chance
Ben Chance, IBM
Best Practice: Creating an Automation Center of Excellence – Ben Chance is the Global leader of IBM Automation’s Advisory Offerings. His advice to all organizations who want to successfully scale Automation across the enterprise is to create a framework for change. A Center of Excellence provides that framework by bringing together all the stakeholders from Business, IT, Finance and Operations, and providing a way to target and prioritize opportunities. In this session, he’ll lay out a blueprint for how to start and manage a Center of Excellence to embrace the future of work using digital workers and intelligent workflows.

We’ll open our poll so the audience can vote on the presentation that they think is most relevant to their situation and their business. The one with the most Wow Factor.

Then, David Jenness will moderate a Discussion with our Panel.
George Warner Maria Venezia Harvey Spencer Paul Cortellesi
We’ll get their thoughts on Changing How Work Gets Done. We’ll get more thoughts on the tools they’ve seen, the tools they need, and their approach to Digital Transformation, and their advice to the audience.
For the Big Finish, we’ll announce the results of the Audience poll.
Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.16.16 PM

And we’ll have another song from Devon.

It should be a great way to wrap up an important conversation about how work gets done…


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