Free Webinar On-Demand: Complex Document Processing Tasks Made Easy

When given a list of tasks, it’s just human nature to start with the easy stuff first. This allows you to get a bunch of small wins under your belt and make quick progress. Often, it’s the harder, more challenging tasks that get left to the end.

This is a popular approach that many organizations take with automation in their business. They begin with automating the simplest processes and workflows to get started. But what happens when you finally get to those more challenging and complex tasks you’ve set on the back burner?

These more complex tasks can range from workflows tied to complying with industry regulations to customer and constituent processes that benefit from faster response times and agility. These document-heavy tasks tend to be more complicated to automate, but also provide greater return and impact on the business.

Using the case study example of an insurance company, we’ll examine the issues faced in many organizations with more complex automation projects, including:

  • Compliance: Comply with policies while getting immediate access to the information your customers want now
  • Customer Service: Improve customer service by resolving issues and questions on the first call
  • Customer Onboarding: they said yes to that proposal, now to get them “into the system”
  • First Touch: Automating receipt of first-contact info (like for an insurance claim), put into workflow process more quickly and seamlessly


This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

Craine, Kevin Howse-Eric Bender-Kevin

Kevin Craine
Content Strategist & Podcast Host

Eric Howse
Enterprise Sales Director – Chicago
Zia Consulting

Kevin Bender
Content Management Solutions Team
ASG Technologies

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