Connecting and Optimizing Office 365

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With all the talk out there, how do we really know what's going on?
Improving Business Operations in 2017 - Capturing Vital Content

There has been a lot of talk about moving to the cloud, using Office 365, creating content and cloud collaboration over the years, but what is really happening out there? Are businesses really taking these steps and have they taken the initiative to connect and optimize their Office 365 and SharePoint environments in ways that they gain maximum benefit as a result? Or have they just installed another application for the user community to try, potentially use, and let fall by the wayside for the next shiny object that comes along? In some cases, they may be using 3rd party applications.

This report presents our findings on the directions and decisions being made in relation to Office 365, add-on products, and how businesses will store and manage their content assets.