3 Part Series - Cradle to the Grave: Using Microsoft 365 for Your Information Lifecycle Management Needs


Part 1: Maximizing Templates, eSignatures, and Automated Reminders

Managing content effectively means managing the process effectively. But many organizations get bogged down when it comes to the review, approval, and monitoring of critical content for things like proposals, contracts, and onboarding. The inefficiencies in case management are a big challenge, especially when the process is complex and there are large volumes of documents involved. What can you do to remove the friction?

In this webinar replay, we explore how to use templates, eSignatures, and automated reminders within Microsoft 365 to streamline content management and bring a new level of efficiency to core enterprise processes. You'll learn how to:

  • Effectively utilize pre-approved templates and termination reminders
  • Streamline sending contracts and other documents for review, and eSignature approval
  • Reduce risk by identifying, remediating, and monitoring all data along the way

Watch the replay video where our experts from Cadence Solutions and start leveraging Microsoft 365 cradle-to-grave for more efficient content and case management.


Part 2: A Forms and Document Capture Solution in Microsoft 365? Say What??

Pick any important process, and you can bet that there is at least one document at the heart of the workflow. Indeed, activities like loan origination, customer case management, accounts payable, or employee onboarding all rely on documents and forms to get the job done. How well we manage this content has a direct influence on how well the people and processes within our organization perform.

In this webinar, we will examine the power of new AI-assisted forms and document capture features within Microsoft 365. Watch the replay where our experts from Cadence Solutions for an in-depth demonstration of Microsoft Syntex, a service that uses advanced content artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide an end-to-end intelligent document processing solution. We will learn how to:

  • Perform Field Capture on forms, invoices, receipts, and more
  • Generate documents on mass with Content Assembly
  • Utilize Syntex for legacy repositories to classify, tag, and migrate content

Watch the replay video where we explore how to automate content-based processes – capturing the information in business documents to extract, analyze, and categorize the data.


Part 3: Records Management Out-of-the-Box with M365 – Myth or Reality?

Effective records management is a must for organizations to manage the regulatory, legal, and operational requirements for business-critical records and content. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for organizations to have a modern records management program in place. As the creation of infinite amounts of information continues to increase and regulatory laws evolve, good records management becomes only more imperative.

And we’re here to say that records management in M365 is no myth – it’s a reality! In this webinar, we will examine MS Purview’s capabilities and demonstrate that it is possible to have a complete records management program out-of-the-box.

Watch the replay where our experts from Cadence Solutions for an educational session on Records Management showing:
  • Creation of Retention Labels via the Compliance Center File Plan 
  • Auto Applying Records Retention to SharePoint Content 
  • Performing a Disposition with Review 
  • Tips and tricks for records management in M365 without 3rd Party Add-ons
We explore real-world records management techniques within M365.


Speakers for this event

Kevin Craine

Host: Kevin Craine, MBA
Content Strategist

Jordan Cadence Solution

Jordan Uytterhagen
Managing Director
Cadence Solutions





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